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Women Navigate Guidelines

Have you navigated a rough path? Charted a new course? Or blazed a trail that was uniquely yours? Could your experience help another woman on a similar journey? If so, please share your submission with WomenNavigate.

Who are our writers?

Women of all ages, from all locations, write for WomenNavigate.

This is a blog for real women who share their experiences authentically, and sometimes vulnerably, to help others along a similar path.

Our authors are women first and writers second. Their expertise in this forum is not their profession, but their experience. Their posts are original and uniquely theirs. These women are trailblazers; they are mastering the art of navigation through experience.

WomenNavigate contributors share in common the buoyant spirit that keeps them afloat.

As a contributor to WomenNavigate, you become a guide in life experience. You are a valued trailblazer. We are grateful for your experience and your willingness to share. Thank you!

What should I write about?

Write about a personal experience that you’ve navigated. Perhaps you felt lost or alone during your journey, but once you reached the summit, you were proud of yourself. Share that experience with WomenNavigate readers. Our readers want to learn from your experience.

Your experience, your beta, will enable our readers to vision their path ahead in a different way. Perhaps you can help alter an outlook from “why is this happening to me” to “why is this happening for me?” Empowering others from your experience is the goal.

Do you have submission ideas?

Share a specific life episode with intimate detail — include the who, what, why, when, where and how come. Show us how you navigated your path. Where did you start? Where did you find yourself at the end? Who was with you? How did you feel while on your journey? And how did you feel at the end? What lessons did you learn — about yourself and others? What advice can you give others?

Please provide an original post, meaning the post has never been published anywhere, including your blog, and does not include any sections taken from a previous post.

Please ensure your post is honest and true to you.

Avoid referencing your blog, business, coaching practice, book, or services in your post unless it’s a relevant and necessary detail to your story. WomenNavigate welcomes links to your site in your biography paragraph, and we’re happy to help promote you in this way. Links in the body of the post may be removed.

Try to keep paragraphs short — three to four sentences. Include your bio, 100 words or less, at the bottom of the post. You can include as many links as you’d like.

Should I Give Advice in my Submission?

If you have advice to share, give it freely. WomenNavigate readers are not looking for trite clichés. They are looking for sage mentors; they are experiencing an uncharted trek and they look to you as an experienced guide with beta that will help them on their climb. We’re all doing a free solo in this thing called life, so throw us a line; your experience may well be the vicarious learning that keeps another alive.

Share advice it in a positive, actionable way. Not all posts have action items, but clear directions can really help others find their way.

The Funny Stuff Keeps us Afloat

Serious is the stuff of life, but funny helps us cope and make it through. Hysterical and hysteria share the same root, after all. Self-deprecating humour is least offensive to readers. Think Erma Bombeck for those who remember her. And we’re based in Canada, so “nice” is a value.

Have fun. Write. Learn. Grow. Share. Enjoy!

Editorial Submission Guidelines

Stories may be edited for clarity, grammar and overall style. If there are major changes, you will be asked to review and approve prior to publication. You may be asked to revise your post to make it stronger or clearer; your title may be changed before publication. Timing and publication of stories is up to the editor’s discretion and WomenNavigate’s editorial calendar.

Please submit only original posts that you have written — not those copied from another site, in partial or in full, or those written by a staff or hired writer. Writers will be contacted prior to publishing and asked to share WomenNavigate with their respective networks.

All posts become the exclusive content of WomenNavigate.

How to Submit

Submit your story via our submission form.

Submit your post in plain text in the form. Please include a proposed title in the subject line box. Submit a single post per submission form.

Upload a photo of yourself at gravatar.com if you’d like a photo to accompany your bio. Include your email address you linked to your gravatar account.essay writer cheap