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WomenNavigate helps women navigate the new, and the often challenging, experiences we face in our lives.Sometimes the new experiences easily lay out like a path meandering through a garden. Other times the arduous, prolonged trek feels like slogging up Mt. Everest.

Whether seamless or difficult, navigating these times teaches us many lessons–about ourselves and those around us. The experience provides knowledge and strength. Once you’ve successfully navigated life challenges, you haven’t merely survived; you have actively grown through experiential learning.

How that experience affects you and what you’ve learned from it, enables you to advance in your life. Experiential learning, and vicariously learning from friends’ experiences, enables us to survive — and even thrive through life’s most gruelling slogs.

WomenNavigate’s main goals are to:

  • Help women grow and learn from experiences by writing
  • Help women learn from others who have navigated a specific topic
  • Ensure women that they’re not alone in the challenges they face.

Message from WomenNavigate’s Founder

In the past dozen years, I’ve navigated some fairly challenging experiences. My brother died. My son was born premature. I separated and divorced after 20 years of marriage. I had two hip replacements. My dad, sister-in-law and a close colleague all died within the same month. And after advancing through the same company for more than a decade, my position was eliminated, and I was terminated.

Although I’ve navigated some pretty rough paths, I’m sure there will be more. And although I feel like some of my experiences have been pretty tough, I am grateful there are many challenges that I have been spared.

Some of life’s challenges can be anticipated like the death of a parent or menopause. Others can’t be. However due to statistics or genetics, we know there are very real challenges awaiting us women.

And I am abundantly grateful for and indebted to the strong women who share their stories and themselves through their posts. These women who navigate help guide us on this common trek we call life. Thank you!

You are not alone

I assure you, that whatever your age or status, you are not alone. Other women have met similar challenges and navigated them successfully. And they have navigated them with grace, determination, perseverance, dignity, strength and fortitude. Women navigate and emerge stronger, more determined, and abler to meet the next challenge in life. And you will too!

Invitation to all Women

Often times these experienced women seem tough, fierce and strong. Their friends may even refer to them as heroes and warriors. However, this leather exterior protects the kinder, gentler, compassionate and empathetic soul.

This gentler soul desires to share her experience with you—to help you learn and grow and to avoid feeling isolated in your journey.

With this in mind, we invite all women to read the stories of WomenNavigate.com, suggest topics and share with others.